Who is The Knight in Dead by Daylight lore?

Dead by Daylight is known for its rich narrative, as seen in the Killer and Survivor backstories. Each character is imbued with fascinating lore, describing their toils and troubles that brought them to the Trial. Through unique means, each Killer eventually discovers The Fog, while each Survivor finds temporary respite from their pursuer. Brew a […]

Best holiday gifts for Resident Evil fans

Buying gifts for Resident Evil fans can be baffling if you’re not familiar with the series. When your child or grandchild asks for evil residents, the letter X, and corporate umbrellas, it may be tempting to send them money. However, we’re here to help you look like a gift-giving pro, so you can shock the […]

Best holiday gifts for D&D gamers

Dungeons & Dragons gamers can be confusing to buy gifts for, especially if you cannot afford either a dungeon or a dragon. Since every player’s campaign is drastically different, it’s hard to find a personal gift that every D&D gamer will love. However, we’re here to help. We’ve handcrafted a list of gifts for the […]