Timber Champions Codes (December 2022)

Timber Champions is a crafting game where you chop down trees to gain rewards. You earn money and diamonds as you chop, which you can use to buy more effective tree axes and other boosts. But you can also buy eggs and hatch pets, which will join you on your journey. Later you can unlock […]

Shortest Answer Wins Codes (December 2022)

Shortest Answer Wins is a fast-playing trivia game based on the original opposite Roblox game, Longest Answer Wins. But here, you guessed it, you’re trying to think of the shortest word that answers the question. Short answers keep you in the round with a chance of claiming the win. But look out for other players […]

Anime Clicker Fight Codes (December 2022)

Before you stand a long path full of warriors. In Anime Clicker Fight, your task is to arm yourself with your sword or shuriken and defeat as many of them as possible. The further you make it along the path, the more cash you will earn to upgrade your items and hero gear. Can you […]

Panilla Saga Codes (December 2022)

Panilla Saga is a gacha-style idle ARPG game for mobile devices. Take control of a team of warriors as they fight a continuous battle against evil forces, leveling up and equipping more powerful equipment to defeat their foes. You’ll set the positions of your five chosen heroes, mixing a combination of tanking warriors, AoE, and […]

Fat Race Clicker Codes (December 2022)

Are you ready for some high-octane fat suit racing action? Before each race, click as fast as possible to raise your top speed and buy food to make your race even faster. Compete in races to gain trophies and claim eggs, which you can crack open to collect pets. Using codes in Fat Race Clicker […]