Best Pool 2 Discard Deck in Marvel Snap

For a lot of decks in Marvel Snap, aggro and a low curve is the key to success at lower ranks and in Pool one cards. However, once you start breaking into Pool two, the themed strategies like On Reveal, Ongoing, and Destroy start to head towards a higher curve and a more optimal strategy. […]

Best Pool 3 Discard Deck in Marvel Snap

Assuming you’ve gathered all of the Discard cards in Pool three, you now have access to potentially one of the strongest decks in Marvel Snap. While Pool one and two feature low curves with strong finishers, having access to all the cards in Marvel Snap, specifically the Discard cards, changes the deck from an aggro […]

Best Pool 1 Discard Deck in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap does offer a unique departure from typical collectible card games through its location and power systems, but it seems no card game can stay away from adding a discard theme to its library. This is the case with Marvel Snap, which features viable Discard packages at all levels of play, including Pool one. […]

Fallout 4 Trophy Guide

For achievement and trophy hunters, knowing is half the battle, be it how to unlock trophies or what trophies they have left to acquire. In the case of a game as massive as Fallout 4, information like a trophy list is imperative to success, and before they start to install mods on Fallout 4, many […]