Tapper Simulator Codes – Games But Blue (November 2022)

Get a new set of wings and take off to different worlds in Tapper Simulator. Craft shiny pets and collect new pets in strange and mysterious worlds. Can you out-click the other players in the game to gather all the hidden secrets across the different worlds? We have the codes to give you that extra […]

Clicker Party Simulator Codes (November 2022)

Time to flex on these other players and show them how fast you can click in Clicker Party Simulator. Collect as many Clicks as you can, and using the powers of Rebirth, you can unlock brand-new worlds to explore. Take your favorite Pets along for the adventure because they will make collecting Clicks easier. It’s […]

Max Speed Codes (November 2022)

Climb on your favorite motorcycle or even hoverbike and become the fastest racer in Max Speed! With many boosters and vehicles you can unlock, there is no time to slow down as you click your way to the top. Race against other players in this game and see who can overlap each other first to […]