Best Gift Ideas for Warhammer Fans

Warhammer retains its throne as the most popular miniature war game ever made. The franchise has spread to everything from video games to groundbreaking sci-fi novels. Hardcore fans will talk for hours about their favorite factions. If you’ve got a Warhammer fanatic, you’ll need the right skull-patterned gift for any occasion. Best Warhammer Gifts Warhammer 40,000 […]

Marvel Snap – Who Reveals First?

Have you ever been in the final round of a Marvel Snap game praying that your trump card will be flipped after theirs? Have you ever lost a match just because your Shang Chi flipped before their Apocalypse? You can predict who will flip first, you just have to pay attention to the logos. Who […]

How to counter a Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap

One of the most common decks any Marvel Snap player will encounter focuses entirely on the Destroy ability. This is the first strategic deck that most players will learn how to build in their early time with the game. You’ll be encountering plenty of Carnage and Nova in online matches, so it’s important to learn […]

All post-game unlockables in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is a massive game that could take the average player 20 hours or more to complete. There’s a ton of content hidden around the massive open worlds and it could take much longer to gather all of that material. However, once you beat the game, is there anything special to get players to […]