FFXIV full dungeon list for all expansions

In Final Fantasy XIV there’s almost a full 100 dungeons, with more added every expansions, and most major patches. As a result, it can be handy to have a list of each and every dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. So here’s our full FFXIV dungeon list! All Realm Reborn Dungeons There are 31 dungeons in […]

Send your education-sim to the moon in Two Point Campus’ Space Academy expansion

If you can’t get enough of Two Point Campus, prepare for the new Space Academy expansion, which was revealed today. Publisher Sega announced the new expansion with a tweet on their official Twitter, along with an accompanying trailer. In the trailer, the expansion promises three new campus locations, six “cosmic” new courses, and lots of new […]

Final Fantasy XIV Storm’s Crown Normal guide

In the Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2, a new Trial was added, which saw the Warrior of Light take on Barbariccia, a brutal voidsent who seeks to destroy you. This trial, called Storm’s Crown, is an eight-person Trial that requires a full party. Here’s our guide for the Storm’s Crown Normal. Phase 1 The fight […]

FFXIV Culinarian Class Quest Guide

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Culinarian job is one of the eight crafting, or jobs in the Disciples of the Hand. As you might expect, they cook things, and being a Culinarian allows you to create powerful food buffs that will provide you and others with bonuses to DPS and other stats. But the road […]