Best Valorant Crosshair codes for Headshots

One of the fastest ways to eliminate someone in any FPS game is to connect headshots, and Valorant is no different. While hitting a headshot depends mainly upon your aim, some crosshairs with minimal designs can help to elevate your headshot accuracy. So, if you are a beginner struggling to connect headshots, you can start […]

How to fix Travis-Rilea error in Modern Warfare 2

Like most multiplayer games with a large player base, Modern Warfare 2 also faces several server-based issues from time to time. One such issue plaguing players in recent times is the Travis-Rilea error. The error code usually pops up when there is an unstable connection between your system and the Call of Duty Modern Warfare […]

How to install Farming Simulator 17 Mods on Xbox One

Apart from the DLCs, one of the best ways to enjoy some new content in old video games is by installing mods and farming simulator 17 is no different. The popular simulator game has hundreds of mods built by enthusiastic community members that can change the look/gameplay features of the game to some extent. Some […]

How to complete Dirty Jobs Challenge in BitLife

Completing the BitLife Dirty Jobs Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating any character of your choice, and then follow the steps below. All Objectives in Dirty Jobs Challenge To complete Dirty Jobs Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives: How to be a […]