How to unlock ‘Olympus King’ Zeus Operator Skin in Warzone 2?

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In Call of Duty Warzone 2, players can unlock various Operator skins from the Battle Pass. The Olympus Kings Zeus Operator skin is one of the rewards you can collect from the Battle Pass. Players who complete the Battle Pass by conquering all 20 Sectors will gain access to the Victory Sector, which has five unique items. Here's how to unlock the Olympus King Zeus Operator skin in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

How to get the 'Olympus King' Zeus Operator Skin in Call of Duty Warzone 2?

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The Olympus King Zeus Operator skin is the HVT reward on the Victory Sector of the Battle Pass in Warzone 2. The Victory Sector is available for players who purchased the Battle Pass, unlocking when you reach 100% on the entire map. This means you'll have to collect all the cosmetics from Sector A0 to A20 to complete the Battle Pass. Players can also get 300 CoD Points from the Victory Sector, which you can save and spend later on the next season's Battle Pass or other Bundles.

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The Victory Sector also has the Mortal’s Bane Weapon Blueprint, a custom equipment class setup perfect for mid-range combat. In Warzone 2, players can purchase Custom Weapons from the Buy Stations, and you can set up a class with Mortal's Bane Weapon Blueprint after unlocking it. Zeus is a new Operator introduced in Warzone 2, players can expect several more to follow throughout the season. Start grinding the game, earn more Battle Token Tier Skips, and unlock all the cosmetics from the Battle Pass.

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