Warzone 2.0 ‘Connection Failed’ Error at game start – Fixes

Connection Failed issue!

Warzone 2.0 is the newest edition of the popular battle royale in Call of Duty. Warzone 2.0 is free-to-play, and server issues may occur with such a large player base. Some players are met with a "Connection Failed" message at the start of the game. The error may include "Reason: WOLTERS - FRANCIS," which indicates a failure to connect to the server. Here is how to fix these connection issues.

Restart Warzone 2.0

You can try to fix the connection error by restarting the game. If servers are flooded with players, some may not be able to connect right away. Restarting the game may resolve the issue but if it still persists, the servers may be down.

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How to check Warzone 2.0 server status

If the servers are down, there is not much you can do besides wait. To check the server status of Warzone 2.0, go to the Official Activision Support page. The server status should be displayed on the page, but you can also check the server status for each platform.

If the servers are active and you have restarted your game, make sure to check if Warzone 2.0 needs an update and if you are connected to the internet. If your game is up-to-date and the problem persists, you can also file a customer support claim on the Activision site. You can also check any server updates on the official Call of Duty Twitter page.

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