Where to find Hard Drives and Thumb Drives in Warzone 2 DMZ

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Warzone 2.0's DMZ mode has a lot to offer, and the map itself, Al-Mazrah, is utterly massive. More daunting mission objectives are spread out all over this massive map, and finding specific items can be a real struggle. You can find items like hard drives and thumb drives everywhere in small amounts, but we know of a specific location where you can find them in abundance for your contracts.

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Where you can find Hard Drives and Thumb Drives in DMZ

First, you'll want to enter the DMZ and open your map. On the far right side of the map, in the middle, is a large police station surrounded by dozens of abandoned office buildings.

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These office buildings are completely accessable and have dozens upon dozens of offices within them. Each office contains computers that can be looted, which will very often be both Hard Drives and Thumb Drives, among other useful items. Each office has several levels, so there's plenty of loot to go around. The police station also has many computers that can be looted, but you may need a specific key to get inside. Even so, the surrounding area around it has these items in abundance. There is enough that you should be able to complete your contracts with ease.

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