Destiny 2 will get a new Competitive Division PVP playlist with SBMM

It's about to get serious.

PvP is getting a serious overhaul with Season 19 in Destiny 2. The sci-fi looter shooter is not only adding new maps, rewards, and matchmaking changes but also adding a whole new competitive scene called Competitive Division.

The revelation was made during the TWAB on November 17, 2022. The Crucible's Ranked mode is getting a complete overhaul beginning with Season 19 by removing the Glory playlist and including Competitive Division as its replacement. This will be a ladder-based system with seven Divisions consisting of three subdivisions.

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Like other games that use a ladder ranking system, Competitive Division will utilize SBMM and should rank players in the same subdivisions against one another. This will keep matches consistently challenging while also rewarding players with the feeling that they're improving as they work their way up the ladder. Upon reaching Gold rank, Guardians will see their Division Rating decay over time if they haven't played enough matches recently.

Finally, the real reason we play Destiny 2 the rewards. As Guardians work their way up the Divisions, they will receive a multiplier on all Crucible ranks, allowing them to earn rewards like engrams quicker.

Overall, it looks like a fantastic system that the PvP scene has needed for a long time. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Did Bungie do PvP players justice, or will Competitive Division be another flop?

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