How to obtain the Glorious Title in Destiny 2

Better get ready to break out those jazz hands.

As part of the changes in Season 19 of Destiny 2, developer Bungie finally introduced a meaningful reward for PvP players. That's right, those that fight and die to prove their superiority over other Guardians will finally be able to show off just how Glorious they are. Yes, that pun was intended. So, with that little spark of joy deep in your heart, let's look at how to obtain it.

Destiny 2 Glorious Triumphs

Image via Bungie

There are nine Triumphs to check off to nab this fantastic title of a Seal. Most are focused on the Competitive Division, which also appears in Season 19. Bungie has stated that there will be additional triumphs to gild the title, so we'll be sure to update this article once those are known.

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  • Forever Valorous
    • Earn Crucible Ranks across all Seasons.
  • Prestigious
    • Reset your Crucible Rank across all Seasons.
  • Decathlete
    • Complete matches of different game types.
  • Gold Medalist
    • Acquire medals in the Crucible Gold Tier category.
  • Placement Series Matches
    • Complete your Placement Series matches in the Competitive Division playlist.
  • Division Promotion
    • Successfully completed a Promotion series.
  • Division Debut
    • Complete matches in the Competitive 3v3 playlist.
  • Climbing the Ladder
    • Achieve Platinum Division in any Season.
  • Get Those Reps
    • Earn points by completing objectives in the Competitive Division playlist.

It's been a long time coming, but Guardians with a penchant for PvP have finally been blessed with Season 19. Those who are more focused on PvE will still have plenty to do but make sure to flash your favorite emote when you see someone rocking the Glorious Title.

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