Can you respec in Evil West?

A good cowboy is versatile.

Evil West follows Jesse Rentier, an agent of the vampire-hunting Rentier Institution. Naturally, you have a vast arsenal of weapons and skills to take on the supernatural forces in the Wild West. But as you gain new skills and upgrades, you may wonder if you can respec in Evil West.

The answer is yes—you can respec in Evil West. You can use Bucks and your experience to purchase new skills and upgrades. However, you cannot respec in Evil West until you have progressed far enough into the game, as you need to unlock this ability first. This works differently if you play multiplayer, as it resets your skills.

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How to respec in Evil West?

To respec in Evil West, you first need to progress through the story and unlock the ability to do so. This will be after mission four when you reach Calico. Once you complete this mission, you will gain access to Vergil's lab and be able to reset your perks and upgrades.

Find the glowing blue object in Vergil's lab. Interact with it, and Jesse will stick his gauntlet in to recharge. This will also let you respec your skills. Evil West has numerous skills and upgrades for you to choose from, so feel free to return to Calico in between missions and change up your skill set.

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