How to play co-op online with friends in Evil West

Ride together, or die alone.

Evil West is a supernatural western, full of action and adventure. You play as Jesse Rentier, one of the best vampire hunters around. But it wouldn't be a Wild West game if you couldn't form a posse and fight monsters together. This may leave you wondering how to play online multiplayer with friends in Evil West.

How to play Evil West multiplayer with friends

To play co-op with friends in Evil West, select the multiplayer option from the main screen. You can then choose a pre-existing save file or start a new one. Once you have selected, search your friends list for a partner and invite them to your game or join theirs. This will start the game and let you play Evil West's multiplayer.

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How does co-op work in Evil West?

In Evil West's co-op mode, both players will play as Jesse Rentier. Only the player hosting the multiplayer session will save progress, meaning that your co-op partner will have to play through the game solo or host the session themselves to progress on their end. But both players can receive Bucks, allowing them to purchase upgrades.

All skills and unlocks will be reset for both players and adjusted for the current mission. When one player is downed, the other can pick them up to get them back in the fight. Additionally, enemy health and damage have been modified to keep the challenge similar to the single-player experience.

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