Why was Brazil not in FIFA 23?

Is the roster there?

Players who wanted to play the Brazil national team in FIFA 23 used to have to make some major concessions with authenticity. This was due to Electronic Arts not having the necessary licensing for team members. The World Cup update has changed all that for the better, now allowing fans to play as their favorite Brazilian footballers.

Why was Brazil not in the original release of FIFA 23?

The official Brazil national team setup was a contractual mess whenever FIFA 23 (and FIFA 22 before it) was initially released. While Brazil was one of the CONEMBOL teams that EA did have the licensing to, things were still complex. This is because EA did not have the licensing to represent the actual players on the team. EA was forced to create fictional players for Brazil's national team. This had left a bad taste in the mouth of players who wanted to play Brazil in a more realistic capacity.

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Can you play as Brazil in FIFA 23?

Image via Electronic Arts

Thanks to the FIFA 23 World Cup update in early November 2022, the Brazilian national team is now optimized for playing in-game. The real-life World Cup that is set to happen in Qatar in Nov. 2022 is responsible for the updated team roster for Brazil. Fans of Brazil can finally enjoy an authentic lineup while diving into FIFA 23.

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