How to beat Hardrefill The Callous in God of War Ragnarök

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Finding the Inert Hilt of Skofnung, King Hrolf Kraki, in God of War Ragnarök will allow you to challenge fearsome berserkers from gravestones scattered in different realms. The berserkers present a serious challenge, and some are best left until after you finish the main story in God of War Ragnarök. If you're determined, here are our recommendations for fighting Hardrefill The Callous.

How to defeat Hardrefill The Callous in God of War Ragnarök

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Here are three tips to give you an edge in this fight:

  • Deflect attacks: Hardrefill primarily uses slower attacks. When shown a yellow circle before an attack, you can parry with your Dauntless Shield. This is one of the few ways you can allow yourself to really deal some damage to him. Using the Rond of Deflection Shield Attachment, can also give you an edge.
  • Dodge when you can't deflect: Hardrefill uses a particularly gruesome attack that is not blockable, as indicated by the red circle when he is about to use it. He will launch himself into the air, then you'll see a green circle start to track your movement. You'll need to dodge at precisely the right time as he is coming down at you to avoid taking serious damage.
  • Use Valor: Hardrefill packs a punch. Rather than use Kratos' Spartan Rage offensively, try switching from Fury to Valor. Using Valor will help you conserve your rage meter more effectively, heal you, and, if used at the right time, can prevent damage from heavy attacks.

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