How to beat the Traveller in God of War Ragnarök

These guys again?

Oh, you thought that just because the end of the world was coming, Kratos and Atreus would be safe from the wandering warrior known as The Traveller? No no no. God of War Ragnarök pulls out all of the stops and plays some of the greatest hits from its predecessor. So when Kratos and Freya encounter The Traveller in Midgard during The Word of Fate quest, you should be prepared.

How to defeat the Traveller in Midgard in God of War Ragnarök

The Traveller is a mini-boss that foolishly stands between Kratos and his objective. The majority of his attacks come in the form of large, broad horizontal swings of his greatsword. You can parry these, but we found it far easier to simply dodge them. The unblockable attacks consist of thunderous ground stomps. Give him room to throw his tantrum and you'll be good.

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Make sure to utilize Freya during the fight to keep him peppered with arrows that enhance Kratos' elemental damage and Runic Attacks. Fights in God of War Ragnarök are all about patience and waiting for your opening. So, take your time, learn The Traveller's moves, and punish him when an opening arrives. Then when it comes time to execute that glorious finisher, enjoy it.

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