Where to find the Soul Eater in The Plains in God of War Ragnarök

Rock and roll.

There are several Soul Eater encounters through your adventures in The Nine Realms in God of War Ragnarök. These angry Golems will only attack once provoked and reward you with many different resources to help you craft better gear and armor. In The Plains, it might be complicated to find the location of the Soul Eater that has been roasting local fauna to a crisp.

Where is the Soul Eater location in The Plains?

To find the location of the Soul Eater in The Plains, you will need to go to the clearing that has been flooded near the Celestial Alter in that region. Head to the opening near the Celestial Alter. If you have used the Celestial Alter to change to evening, you will see blue blood on the grounds with animals that have been burnt to a crisp on the floor. Clear the area of any enemies and look around for the rock-like feature of the Soul Eater. This Soul Eater will be highlighted with white as it is curled up on the ground. See the map location below.

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How to complete In Plain Sight Favor in God of War Ragnarök

To complete the favor In Plain Sight in God Of War Ragnarök, you will need to trigger the quest by inspecting one of the burnt animal bodies in the clearing.

  • Inspect two animal bodies in the area, an Ibex and a Wildebeest.
  • Once the In Plain Sight favor has started, look for the Soul Eater in the opening that is flooded with water near the Celestial Alter.
  • The Soul Eaters' location can differ per difficulty level, but you can find it near the gate to the north of the opening.
  • The Soul Eater will be curled up and look like a rock, but the white markings on the Golem will give it away that you have found it.
  • Defeat the Soul Eater. Remember to find the gap to defeat it by throwing your axe at its chest before it fires projectiles at you. Don't get greedy because the Ancient's attacks take a lot of health off your health meter.
  • Once you have defeated the Soul Eater and cleared the area of the Wight, you will have completed the In Plain Sight Favor and will be rewarded with crafting material and an Eir's Armament.

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