How to make a Marvel Snap Infinity Stones Thanos deck

Putting the Snap in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap has done a great job of integrating how heroes perform in comics and films into its game. Many of the cards really feel like the character. And few more than the Thanos card, which puts the Snap in Marvel Snap. As Thanos says in Avengers: Infinity War, With all six Infinity Stones I could simply snap my fingers, you’d all cease to exist. So, how do you make a Marvel Snap Infinity Stones Thanos deck that will do that to the opposition?

What are Thanos Infinity Stones in Marvel Snap?

The important thing to note with any Marvel Snap deck that includes Thanos is that you will get the six extra cards, the Infinity Stones, added to it automatically at the start of play. The way to make a good Infinity Stones Thanos deck is to give yourself the best chance to use all those extra cards. The cards are:

  • Mind Stone (1-1): On Reveal, draw two Stones from your deck.
  • Reality Stone (1-1): On Reveal, transform this location into a new one. Draw a card.
  • Soul Stone (1-1): On Reveal, draw a card. Ongoing: Enemy cards here have -1 Power.
  • Space Stone (1-1): On Reveal, next turn you can move one card at this location. Draw a card.
  • Time Stone (1-1): On Reveal, draw a card. Next turn, you get +1 Energy.
  • Power Stone (1-3): Ongoing. If you’ve played all six Stones, Thanos has +10 Power.

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The key to making the Thanos deck work is gaining a big boost from the Power Stone, which will only happen if you play all six stones. Therefore, you want to load up your deck with any cards that can cycle your deck. The On Reveal ability of Mind Stone helps with this, as do the Soul Stone and Time Stone. As the stones are all cheap to cast, playing with them should be a breeze if you can get them into your hand.

Cards to add to an Infinity Stones Thanos deck

You’re looking to give yourself the best chance to see and play as many cards as possible. For an Infinity Stones Thanos deck, the Quinjet-Thor combo is very strong.

  • Quinjet: Ongoing: Cards that didn't start in your deck cost one less.
  • Thor: On Reveal: Draw all cards that cost zero from your deck.
  • Falcon: On Reveal: Return your one-cost cards to your hand.
  • Magik: You can't play this on turn six. On Reveal: Change this location to Limbo.
  • Beast: On Reveal: Return your other cards at this location to your hand. They cost one less.

To finish your deck, look for cards that give other cards power or benefit from full locations (Ant-ManBlue Marvel) or cheap-cost cards (KazarWar Machine). With so many cheap cards needing to be played, you’ll likely have full locations.

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