My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide – Plant Island

Create your perfect singing oasis.

In My Singing Monsters, you establish an island full of happy creatures who harmonize to create their unique songs. A major element of this game involves breeding monsters to create new species. As such, players often wonder about which monster combinations will result in their desired monster. Below, we've created a breeding guide for Plant Island to help you on your way to your perfect island.

My Singing Monsters Plant Island Breeding Guide

Desired MonsterSuggested Combination
BowgartFurcorn and Toe Jammer
ClambleFurcorn and Noggin
DrumplerMammott and Noggin
EntbratBowgart and Noggin
FurcornMammott and Potbelly
FwogNoggin and Toe Jammer
GhaztEntbrat and T-Rox
G'joobPummel and T-Rox

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MawMammott and Toe Jammer
OaktopusPotbelly and Toe Jammer
PummelNoggin and Oaktopus
PunkletonBowgart and T-Rox
ShrubbNoggin and Potbelly
ShugabushBowgarrt and Shugafam (legendary)
T-RoxMaw and Noggin

While some of these combinations are the best bet for your desired monster, others are not always recommended. Trying for a Mammott or Toe Jammer with the T-Rox and Bowgart combo during the Spoocktacle isn't a great idea, for instance. This is because combining a T-Rox and Bowgart during this period can also result in a Punkleton, which takes a larger breeding time. This same advice goes for the Clamble and Bowgart as well as the T-Rox and Pummel combinations.

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