What are the answers to the Hiring Exam in Nobody The Turnaround?

Here are all of the answers to the Hiring Exam!

If you are trying to get a job to pay off your large debt in Nobody the Turnaround, you must complete the Hiring Exam. The Hiring Exam is a short test with ten questions you must answer to complete. Completing the test may prove difficult, as it is based on a real Exam that 40 percent of test takers failed. Luckily you don't have to worry as this guide explains all the test answers for the Hiring Exam in Nobody The Turnaround. 

All Nobody The Turnaround Hiring Exam Answers Cheat Sheet

If you are trying to complete the Hiring Exam in Nobody the Turnaround, you will need to answer ten questions correctly. All questions contain various math problems, but luckily all answers are already listed in this guide. But before typing any of these answers, make sure to place and type exactly as they are listed in our cheat sheet table list and image below:

Questions 1-6Answers
 1-2 =C
[1-2] =A
1x2x3 =B
36÷4÷3 =D
5+5x5 =B
1+10+100+1000 =1111

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  • If you cut off one of the angles in a triangle, how many angles will be left?
    • Answer: 4
  • Chickens and rabbits were put in the same cage, and 30 feet could be seen. If there are 5 rabbits among them, how many chickens are there in the cage?
    • Answer: 5
  • Find X: 5x+x÷5=52
    • Answer: 10
  • Please Type the Capitalized alphabet from A to Z
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How to get a Job in Nobody The Turnaround

After completing the Hiring Example, players can accept jobs by visiting the Job board inside the Job center in Nobody The Turnaround. As shown below, interacting with the Job board will allow you to select a job from a group of various Gigs. Players can accept certain jobs like the Brick layer right away, but to accept other jobs, they must increase certain skills. You can increase these skills by leveling up and unlocking new ones via the Planner menu.

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