How to get a Rockruff with Own Tempo in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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Pokémon fans are used to strict requirements for evolutions. Rockruff, a Generation VII Pokémon, may easily evolve into Lycanroc. However, a special evolution form, called Dusk Form, is not very easy to obtain. It requires you to find a wild Rockruff with the Own Tempo Ability. Here's how.

How to find a Rockruff with Own Tempo in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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Finding a Rockruff with Own Tempo as an Ability in the wild is rare, but it's the way to obtain one. Start by adding a lead Pokémon to your party with the Intimidate Ability. Growlithe is easy to find in East Province (Area Three) and frequently has the Intimidate Ability. Then, go and start approaching Rockruffs in their usual habitat. If a wild Rockruff has the Own Tempo Ability, it should show up on the screen when you encounter Rockruff, as your Pokémon's Intimidate Ability will not work. Again, keep in mind that finding one is very rare, but more likely to happen in the evening. If you level up this Rockruff to at least level 25 in the evening, it will evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc.

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How to tell the time of day in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has an in-game day and night cycle that is not synced to your Nintendo Switch's console time. Open your map to check and see what time of day it is. In the center of the top white bar, there should be a small circle indicating the time of day: blue with a yellow sun for the morning, peach with a setting orange sun for the evening, and purple with a white moon for the night.

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