Why won’t my Pokémon obey me in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Why won't your Pokémon listen?

It can be quite exciting to catch a high-level Pokémon, especially if you're in the game's early sections. It may feel like you've finally caught your ace in the hole, the one Pokémon that will escort you to the Elite Four in record time. The stakes are high, and you seek to turn the tides of battle by deploying your overpowered Pokémon, but your beloved Umbreon refuses to obey. This may be exasperating, but don't worry because we're here to explain why your Pokémon won't obey.

Why is my Pokémon loafing around?

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When a Pokémon refuses to obey, you don't have enough Gym Badges to control it properly. You will mainly see this behavior in high-level Pokémon, especially those drastically higher than the rest of your party. While they occasionally comply, they disobey more often than not. To solve this issue, you must collect more Gym Badges.

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The amount of Gym Badges you have directly correlates with the Pokémon you can properly control. Once you've collected one Gym Badge, you can command Pokémon up to level 25. After you've acquired two Gym Badges, you can successfully order Pokémon up to level 30. This level convention continues every five levels, up to seven Gym Badges. Once you have eight Gym Badges, you can properly control Pokémon of any level, and should not encounter disobedience issues. This mechanic prevents players from breezing through the game with a high-level Pokémon, setting all trainers on an even playing field.

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