Roblox has removed 15 free UGC items from the avatar shop, could more be leaving soon?

Free items are here to stay... For now!

On November 18, 2022, it was discovered that Roblox had removed 15 free UGC items from its avatar shop, some of which had been available to "purchase" for over two years. So, after all this time, why did Roblox decide to remove them? What does this mean for the future of Roblox accessories; will all of the remaining free items be removed as well? Continue reading below to learn more about the possible answers to these questions.

Roblox removed tons of free items from the avatar shop, why?

It's no secret that free items are a big part of what makes Roblox go 'round, so why have so many been removed in such a short period? Unfortunately, there's yet to be a definitive answer to this question. From what we've found through our own research, it seems that most of the deleted items are connected to celebrities and, more specifically, musicians. At the time of this article's publication, none of the Roblox-themed items had been taken off sale, leading many to believe that there was perhaps a copyright issue with the now-removed items.

The list below features all of the items that have been removed:

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Though this wouldn't be the first time that Roblox has fallen into hot water with copyright claims and DMCA laws, with the platform doing a complete wipe of any non-Roblox created sounds in early 2022, assuming that this specific situation is copyright related seems like a bit of a stretch. Numerous experiences across the platform still offer free items created by Roblox but are themed after musical artists, brands, and more. We assume these items simply reached their "expiration date" and were removed because they were years old.

While it is unfortunate that they've been removed from the shop regardless of the reason, plenty of free items can be earned inside of experiences or with promo codes. If you're interested in obtaining these items, and any other free items released in the future, be sure to check back with the Roblox section of Pro Game Guides often, as we're always updating!

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