Timber Champions Codes (November 2022)

Tree-mendous codes for all!

Timber Champions is a crafting game where you chop down trees to gain rewards. You earn money and diamonds as you chop, which you can use to buy more effective tree axes and other boosts. But you can also buy eggs and hatch pets, which will join you on your journey. Later you can unlock new areas with more valuable trees to chop. But you may also find boss monsters you’ll need to battle for even greater rewards.

Timber Champions codes give you an in-game Boost that speeds up your ability to chop down trees. But many options may be explored for future codes, such as free in-game money, diamond, or cool cosmetic effects.

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All Timber Champions Codes List

Updated November 28, 2022

Added a new code.

Timber Champions Codes (Working)

Here's a look at all the working Timber Champions codes.

  • steampunk—Redeem 2 2x Damage Boosts (New)
  • samurai—Redeem for 2 2x Coin Boosts (New)
  • 10klikes—Redeem for Luck Boost
  • 5kthanks—Redeem for a Damage Boost
  • luckboost—Redeem for a Luck Boost
  • release—Redeem for a free Boost

Timber Champions Codes (Expired)

These codes for Timber Champions no longer work.

  • There are no expired codes for Timber Champions

Timber Champions FAQ, Answered

Here’s everything you need to know regarding Timber Champions codes.

How to redeem Timber Champions codes

Redeeming codes for free rewards in Timber Champions is easy.

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  1. In the game, press the Basket Button on the left of the screen. This opens an Exclusive Shop window in the middle of your screen.
  2. Scroll down the Exclusive Shop menu right to the bottom. Below where it says Codes, you’ll see a text box. Cut and paste the code into this box.
  3. Press the click the green button next to the text box to claim your reward!

How can you get more Timber Champions codes?

The best way to keep up to date with all the latest Timber Champions codes is to bookmark this page and come back often. But if you want to try and hunt some out for yourself, you can follow game developer Powerful Studio on Twitter, join the Powerful Studio Discord channel, and join the Powerful Studio Roblox Group.

Why aren't my Timber Champions codes working?

If you find one of the Timber Champions codes you see here isn't working, you should check to ensure you've entered it exactly as it appears. For example, the capitalization needs to be exactly the same, and look out for numbers that may look like letters. We suggest you cut and paste the code into the box to avoid these issues. If this doesn't work, the code may have expired. This happens to most Roblox codes in the end, unfortunately. Please let us know if this is the case so we can update the guide.

Effective tree-chopping tips

Unlike a lot of Roblox games, Timber Champions does not require you to hold down the button to do actions. Click a tree once, from any distance away, and you will approach it and keep chopping until it falls. Also, note that you’ll get an on-screen message when you can afford your next axe upgrade. It is always worth getting these straight away, as they increase the damage you do to a tree and speed things up a great deal.

But the most important thing to learn is cooperation is good. Chopping down trees with friends chops them down quicker, but everyone gets the rewards. Once you get into the desert area, you can also spend your diamonds on other upgrades, including damage multipliers and speed increases.

What is Timber Champions?

Timber Champions is a pet collection game where you chop down trees to earn money. As you collect money and diamonds, you can spend them on upgrades and pets. Upgrades speed up the game while your pets level up as they run around with you while you play. As you improve your tree-chopping skills, you can open up new areas with better rewards alongside new pets, bonuses, and even battle challenges.

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