Best Gifts for Sims fans

Prep for Winterfest by becoming your own Father Winter.

It's the time of year to think about gifts and what better place to start than a plethora of Sims-themed items? Because the series has been around for over 20 years, there are plenty of options for finding just the right present. Below, we've highlighted some of our favorite Sims-themed gifts so you can rack up some relationship points with your IRL friends by giving them some much needed decor.

Gifts for Sims fans

Plumbob Suncatcher

Image via BirchGlass

Check out these amazing plumbob suncatchers by Birch Glass for your friends who have a green thumb. You can pick the color and size you would like the suncatcher so that you can truly demonstrate the mood of your plant. Each plumbob is made to order, so make sure to factor in an additional one to two weeks before delivery.

The Sims Custom Personality Mug

Image via SORAandcompany

If you're shopping for someone who's played The Sims since the very beginning, this is the gift for you. It's a handmade, customizable ceramic mug that lets you control everything from the name, zodiac sign, personality traits, and the number of points for each trait. There are two options for mug size, either 11 or 15 ounces.

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Sims 4 OK Mousepad

Image via WheekBoutiqueShop

Pay homage to one of the most iconic loading screens in the Sims 4 with this mousepad. It's made out of polyester with a non-slip rubber backing and is designed to be thinner than most mousepads to prevent wrist pain.

Sims Candle


Create a sanctuary for Simming with this nostalgic Sims candle. This soy-based candle comes topped with adorable sprinkles and decorations (that should be removed prior to burning, for safety's sake).

Cowplant Cross Stitch Pattern

Image via TerminalGeekDesigns

Take the cross stitching hobby out of the Sims and into real life with this adorable pattern. If you want to go all out with a gift, pair the design with a hoop designed to fit its 8x8 size as well as the six colors you'll need to finish the pattern.

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