Can you save Jeff and Marie in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me?

That's what you get in the honeymoon suite!

In The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, the Prologue begins with three characters, Jeff, Marie, and H. H. Holmes. As Jeff and Marie, you get to make several choices, and each one directs how the narrative unfolds. Players are wondering if they can save these two characters from H. H. Holmes. Here's what you need to know about Jeff and Marie's plotline in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me.

How to unlock Until Death Do us Part 2 achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me?

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Jeff and Marie are a honeymoon couple visiting the World's Fair Hotel, and H. H. Homes is the hotel's owner. After an initial conversation with the two characters, Holmes says he will give them the honeymoon suite without any extra charges. The story develops with every choice you make, but there are certain inevitable situations in the narrative. Long story short, you cannot save Jeff and Marie, regardless of your choice. However, you can unlock a few achievements by making the right choices.

For example, there will come a point in the narrative where Marie goes to take a bath, and Jeff searches for a Shaving Kit. Players will play this bit as Jeff, and while exploring the lobby, you'll come across a shiny door knob. Stand in front of the doorknob, and click it to activate the underground spikes trap. To save Jeff from this gruesome death, you must press the QTE when it pops up on the screen. Doing this gives Jeff and Marie the last chance to see each other while dying, unlocking the Until Death Do Us Part 2 achievement in The Devil in Me.

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How to unlock Murder Castle Achievement in The Devil in Me?

The other achievement, which you can collect from the Prologue is the Murder Castle achievement. The Murder Castle achievement gets unlocked as soon as you finish the Prologue part in the narrative. Make sure to save Jeff from the underground spikes to unlock both achievements from the Prologue in The Devil in Me.

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